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Epson Colorworks C3500 Printer Rental - High-Quality Printouts

Epson TM C3500 printer is designed to help your business events print a wide variety of colourful badges.  

Epson C3500 ColorWorks Badge Printer
Epson C3500 ColorWorks Badge Printer

The Epson ColorWorks C3500 brings high quality and versatility to your badges. Your business events will save time and money by printing badges on demand thanks to print speeds of up to 103mm/sec and separate pigment ink cartridges. Epson has created inks to resist the most challenging conditions. Thanks to this combination it is the most reliable and suitable printer for badge printing. Our extensive inventory, qualified staff, and multiple options are available for Epson printer rental throughout the UK. 

The Epson C3500 lets you use colours to create and print ID cards and visitor passes.  Introduce company colours, or customise badges with information about the visitor, the person they are visiting, and the regions they can access. Or you might include personalised advertisements, making passes effective marketing materials for your business or clients. 

Rent ColorWorks C3500 Printer - Inkjet Badge Printer

Do you need a rental solution for on-demand, high-quality badge printing? Consider using the Epson 3500 badge printer instead! This EPSON printer is the most effective way to produce full-colour badges for conferences, exhibits, and events. You can easily customise and print your own colour badges using the Epson ColorWorks c3500. 

Get Your Event Printing Solution From Scottish Hire!
Get Your Event Printing Solution From Scottish Hire!

Scottish Hire offers the most efficient on-demand and high-quality full-color badge printing solution for events, exhibitions and conferences. 

We offer the leading inkjet badge printer, Epson C3500 for rent so you can concentrate on your event rather than your printing requirements.  

Scottish Hire is the industry leader for registration printer rentals and has been offering hardware and on-site staffing services for event registration and printing needs around the globe for years. So don’t wait any longer – order your Epson C3500 printer today! 

Embrace the latest printing technology with Scottish Hire

Key Features of Epson C3500

Why Choose Scottish Hire?

We have many different kinds of printers that can work for any event, big or small. It could be a company meeting, a short-term office setup, a yearly gathering, a teaching event, a new product introduction, a learning session, or a talk — our printers are a good fit for all these types of events. 



Scottish Hire provides round-the-clock remote service and onsite technical support for printer rental, ensuring you have assistance whenever needed. 


Our services extend to over 60 countries and six continents with shipping, installation, and onsite support. Our client base includes more than 5,000 enterprises globally. 


printer for rental near me for events in the UK. Scottish Hire offers printer hire to any location in the UK, the United States, or the rest of the world. 


Printers for rent for short-term and long-term are among our flexible rental terms. 


You might save even more if you rent event technologies from us with extra event supplies like iPads, scanners, wireless printers, and portable printers. 


We ensure that all equipment in our inventory, with a proven track record of success at events worldwide, is thoroughly tested and approved before each event to ensure optimal performance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

One of the most latest additions in our inventory, the Epson C3500 printer, offers high-quality badge printing. Frequently asked questions concerning Epson C3500 rental services have been answered. Consult our experts right away if you have any more inquiries about the procedure. 

The Epson TM-C3500 inkjet badge printer is just like the conventional thermal badge printers. The biggest difference between a thermal badge printer and this printer for events is that an inkjet badge printer can print badges in full colour. 

As we look at the Epson C3500, it has four ink cartridges slots (Cyan, Black, Yellow & Magenta). You can order the ink/toner as per your company requirement and the demand of the badges to create. You can get more information before ordering. 

Yes, if you’re renting an Epson Colorworks C3500 printer, you can purchase paper from us. Due to our links with numerous printing businesses, we can provide you with badge paper in large quantities. Speak to one of our local event registration experts for further details. Find out more about our inventory of badge printers that are available for events all over the world. 

Yes, we can provide Epson C3500 in any quantity in Scotland. With local rental depot in Glasgow we can also expedite requests and have a local team of expert to assist. We have the largest stock of Epson C3500, which allows us to produce and fulfil bulk rental orders faster than anybody else. 

We are the best IT rental experts in Scotland. To provide a complete hardware solution for on-site registration and printing needs, you can rent laptops, iPads, network equipment, and printers like the Epson C3500. If you’re interested in learning more about renting an Epson C3500 printer or about event registration and credential printing, Scottish Hire offers a free consultation. 

Yes, we offer customisation options for the printers you rent, such as branding and logo placement. Contact us for more details and pricing. 


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