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Optimal IT Rental Services for Corporate Events

In an ever-transforming technological landscape, Scottish Hire stands as your unmatched and reliable IT rental services partner to ramp up your corporate events.

Optimal IT Rental Services for Corporate Events

Scottish Hire IT Rental Solutions

Guiding Your Business Events Towards Exceptional Success

Scottish Hire offers you a variety of IT rental inventory that include iPads, Tablets, Laptops, EPOS, Printers, VR, AV, and Mixed Reality, IOS technologies, and Giant iTabs. Furthermore, we facilitate almost every industry from pharmaceuticals, finance and education to entertainment.  

Scottish Hire is committed to understanding and meeting your diverse requirements. When it comes to ensuring the success of your event, our team of tech experts will be available round the clock, from the initial installation to the event’s conclusion. Get in Touch with Us Today! 

With Scottish Hire,

See Your Event Reaching Success While We Retain Your Reputation

Uplift Your Laptop Rental Experience with Our IT Rental Solutions
Uplift Your Laptop Rental Experience with Our IT Rental Solutions

Over the years, laptops have supplanted heavy PCs and become a more convenient mean of communication, task management, and other work-related activities. Recognizing their significance, organizations and large-scale businesses are transitioning to laptop rental services as a dependable alternative to error-prone tech equipment.

Scottish Hire offers a customized and personalized experience in more than 50 countries. We offer economical laptop rental services to businesses for various purposes, including training programs, gaming contests, seminars, conferences, and corporate events. Our inventory encompasses renowned brands such as Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and MSI and the latest specs they have to offer.

Our Phone Rental Services Will Not Let Your Participants Lose the Connection

For charity galas, exhibitions, and various other events, our IT rental solutions are the best fit for you to retain connectivity. Scottish Hire offers the latest models of leading companies, from iPhone 8+ to 14 and Samsung S8 to S23. Our team of experts will help you choose the right model for your event and provide fully charged cell phones to ensure uninterrupted connectivity throughout your event. 

Over and above, we offer economical rental solutions that will not only refine your business outlook but also lighten the budgetary burden. Our team of tech experts will also guide you with development in the industry that you may not have considered and collectively make your event a sure success. 

Enhance Productivity of Your Corporate Event with our Additional IT Rental Solutions

Scottish Hire is committed to boosting business productivity throughout your corporate events. We understand that with upgraded devices supporting accessories can be a bonus. Hence, Scottish Hire aims to bring your multi-vendor needs to one source and meet all your requirements, whether hardware components, software customization, or supporting accessories. 

Our accessories inventory comprises Apple Pencil, Arc Mouse, Microsoft Pen, headphones, tripods and cables, desktop stands, internet solutions, Wi-Fi routers, Kensington locks and keyboards, Moonbase iPad holders, and a lot more.

In addition, Scottish Hire provides IT rental services encompassing sim cards, power banks, and personalized app development. With our exceptional IT rental technology solutions, you can reduce manual effort and incorporate automation.

Enhance Productivity of Your Corporate Event with our Additional IT Rental Solutions

Why Choose Scottish Hire?

At Scottish Hire, we deliver exceptional and top-of-the-line services to retain our clientele and offer them a lifetime experience. Our wide series of IT rental services include upgraded gadgets, uninterrupted internet coverage, VR, AV, and mixed reality solutions, as well as  printers that ensure clear picture transmission.


We offer round-the-clock assistance, and our tech experts are available to resolve your inquiries at the time they arise. They also help you with on-site technical support ensuring your event reaches success.


Scottish Hire’s expertise extends far beyond Scotland and has over 50 countries within its reach. We offer IT rental solutions to almost every business and industry globally.


Our IT rental technology solutions involve various categories such as laptops, iPads, portable printers, EPOS, VR, AR, giant iTabs, event Wifis and much more.


We are committed to excellence, and keeping our promise, we offer worldwide swift delivery. Scottish Hire will ensure timely delivery of your orders across the globe.


Rest assured, all of our devices undergo thorough testing, and only the approved ones make it to our catalogue. Therefore, compromising quality is out of the question.


At Scottish Hire, we understand that the needs of every event and business vary, and we offer flexible IT rental services for both unique needs and short-term requirements.

What Our Clients Say About Us 
Frequently Asked Questions 

When it comes to IT Technology rental, we understand you may have a series of questions, doubts, and queries. We are at your service to provide answers and address all your concerns. Below is a list of frequently asked questions that will not only guide you but also help you make informed decisions.

In order to rent our IT rental services, you can either fill out a form or directly contact us using the details provided on our website. After this, our team of professionals will get in touch with you to assist in selecting the right equipment for your event.

Scottish Hire IT rental solutions offer worldwide coverage, which implies that you can avail our services from any region. With our presence in over 50 countries, accessibility is never a concern and we are dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions wherever your needs may take you.

Along with upgraded and reliable gadgets, our team of tech experts offers installation and round-the-clock support post-deployment to address your concerns and resolve any issue that may arise during your events.

Our IT rental technology solutions are meant to meet your event needs. We offer a flexible timeline based on your preference which ranges from a day to a week or even longer than two weeks, whatever suits your requirements.

Indeed, in addition to laptops, iPhones, tablets, and other rental services, we provide setup assistance, customized software installation, event wifi, and projectors. We aim to cover every potential need that may arise during your events, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless experience for you and your attendees.


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