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Projector Rental | Crisp, Clear, Captivating Visuals Await!

We understand the critical role visuals play in making events memorable. Our commitment is to provide cutting-edge projector rentals that not only meet but exceed your expectations. 

Projector Rental
Scottish Hire, Your Gateway to Exceptional Projector Rentals
Scottish Hire, Your Gateway to Exceptional Projector Rentals

Enter Scottish Hire, your dedicated partner for top-notch projector rentals tailored for events throughout the UK. We offer a range of high-quality projectors, ensuring your presentations, conferences, exhibitions, and entertainment shows leave a lasting impression. From Optoma Full HD Business Projectors to Epson Full HD Business Projectors, we provide cutting-edge solutions that are user-friendly, reliable, and designed to meet the diverse requirements of your event. 

Ditch the dim and blur – ignite your event with our projector hire service! Experience dazzling visuals, effortless connection, and image quality so crisp, it’ll mesmerise your audience. Make your presentation pop, movie night shine, or gaming tournament roar – the possibilities are endless. Our projectors, like the Optoma and Epson models, guarantee a smooth experience for professionals and novices alike, ensuring your event stands out for all the right reasons. 

Enhance your projector rental with our comprehensive range of accessories, ensuring your event runs smoothly and efficiently. From Lightning to VGA Adapters to Display Ports to HDMI cables, we’ve got you covered. 

Rent Projectors For Events in the UK

Boosts your events to unforgettable heights through our projector rental services. At Scottish Hire,  Transform any event with our expertise in premium projectors, meticulously crafted for diverse occasions., spanning corporate meetings and conferences to product launches and entertainment events throughout the UK. 

Optoma Full HD Business Projector

Optoma Full HD Business Projector

Perfect for connecting HDMI dongles such as the Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick or a laptop, PC, or Blu-ray player for clear projected images with sound. Optoma projectors can display true 3D content from almost any 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray players, 3D broadcasting, and the latest generation game consoles.  

  • 3600+ Lumens 
  • Amazing color 
  • High contrast 
  • Quick resume  
  • Auto Power Off  
  • Full 1080p HD  
  • Eco+ 
  • AV Mute 
Epson Full HD Business Projector

Epson Full HD Business Projector

Epson Projectors Enhance Corporate Events With Vivid Visuals, Sharp Presentations, Seamless Connectivity, Outstanding Image Quality, and Excellent Reliability and Service 

  • Color light output 3400 lumen 
  • The Epson 3-chip 3LCD Solution 
  • iProjection™ App 
  • Color Brightness 
  • Throw Distance 
  • Color Gamut 
  • No Rainbow Effect 
  • ECO Power Consumption mode 
Business Projectors

Business Projectors

  • Full HD 1080p 
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 
  • VGA & HDMI models available. 
  • Sharp and detailed images from HD content. 
  • Full 3D – True 3D content from almost any 3D source. 
Accessories You Need While Renting A Projector

Ditch the scramble for last-minute essentials. Let Scottish Hire orchestrate your perfect projector setup with our meticulously curated selection of add-ons. From screens and cables to mounts and stands, we have everything you need for a smooth, stress-free event anywhere. 

Lightning to HDMI Adapter

  • HDMI and Type-C port  
  • Connects an iPad to a monitor, TV, projector or display 
Display Port to HDMI

Display Port to HDMI

  • Suitable for an extended desktop or mirrored displays  
  • Connect a computer to a HDTV, monitor, and projectors 
Mini Display Port

Mini Display Port

  • Thunderbolt to HDMI  
  • Use with laptops/computers to connect an HDMI cable to monitors/projectors 

Lightning to VGA Adapter

  • Connects an iPad to a monitor, TV, projector, or display via a Lightning port 
USB C to Light

USB-C To Lightning

  • Connects an iPad to a monitor, TV, projector, or display via a 30-pin adapter 

Why Choose Scottish Hire?

Let Scottish Hire orchestrate the perfect visual symphony for your event. From crisp presentations to mesmerising displays, our bespoke projector rentals adapt to your every need, weaving a captivating backdrop for any occasion. Our extensive services cater to events of varying sizes and types, including corporate conferences, temporary offices, annual meetings, training seminars, educational hubs, product launches, workshops, and presentations.  


We prioritise excellent customer service and offer remote and on-site technical support services specifically designed for IT rentals, available round-the-clock.   


With a worldwide presence across 60 countries, we provide coverage, shipping, installation, and on-site support to more than 5,000 businesses globally.   


At Scottish Hire, we ensure speedy delivery to any destination across the globe, covering the UK and the United States as well.   


We acknowledge that every event has unique requirements, so whether you need Projector rental for a week or a month, we have you covered.   


Our inventory of rental options is varied and includes iPhones, scanners, wireless printers, and portable printers that can be combined with event technologies to save costs.  


We conduct meticulous quality inspections on our equipment to ensure that it has been tested and approved for successful use at events worldwide.   

What Our Clients Say About Us 
Frequently Asked Questions 

At Scottish Hire, we aim to address common queries to provide you with comprehensive information. If you require further assistance, our experts are always available to answer all your questions. Feel free to reach out to us. 

Certainly! Our projectors, such as the Optoma Full HD and Epson Full HD business models, are designed for optimal performance in outdoor settings, ensuring excellent visibility even in daylight conditions. 

Absolutely. In addition to projectors, we offer a diverse range of event technology solutions. Whether you need iPads, laptops, printers, or other tech gear, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to discuss your specific rental requirements. 

No, Scottish Hire specialises in bulk projector rentals to meet the diverse needs of events across the UK. We ensure top-quality, scalable solutions for your presentations, conferences, and more. Contact us for comprehensive rental options tailored to your requirements. 

Certainly! We offer comprehensive technical support throughout your event to promptly address any technical issues or inquiries. Our dedicated team is available to assist you during the entire rental period, allowing you to focus on hosting a successful event. 

Absolutely! We work closely with you to create tailored projector experiences that align perfectly with your business objectives or event themes. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in crafting a unique and captivating projector experience that leaves lasting impact. 

Certainly! We serve businesses globally, operating in over 60 countries. Our mission is to support companies with their technology needs worldwide.  Navigate your rental journey with ease, wherever you are. Our 24/7 support and tech expertise provide unwavering confidence, guaranteeing a seamless experience. 


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