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Mac Rental Event Solutions in Scotland and the UK

Scottish Hire provides comprehensive Mac rental solutions to empower your events across Scotland and the UK. 

  • Offers flexibility & cost-effectiveness for temporary needs 
  • Facilitates communication & collaboration 
  • Provides access to specialised software & applications 
  • Ensures consistent branding & professionalism 
Apple Mac Rentals for Business Events

From dynamic conferences to captivating product launches, professional events demand robust technology to deliver exceptional experiences. Scottish Hire empowers you to navigate any event challenge confidently. We offer complete Mac rental solutions tailored to fulfill all your event needs with the latest M1 or M2 processors, ample memory, and high-end graphics for demanding tasks. 

Empower your team and attendees with the latest M1 or M2 processors. These processors ensure seamless handling of demanding creative software and high-resolution presentations. Ample memory and top-tier graphics deliver unparalleled performance, exceeding expectations for impactful events throughout Scotland and the UK.

Our meticulously maintained iMacs and MacBooks, available in any quantity, guarantee a perfect fit for your event’s needs. Pre-installed software and on-site technical support ensure a worry-free experience, surpassing standard laptops and desktops. Contact Scottish Hire today Mac rentals quote to upgrade your next event to success. 

Transform Your Scottish and UK Events with iMac

Revitalise your events with impactful presentations using the exceptional performance and elegant design of iMacs. Select the perfect iMac from our diverse range, featuring optional 2TB or 3TB SSD configuration, Fusion Drives, 8th or 9th generation Intel Core processors, and the coveted Radeon Pro graphics. 


iMac 21.5”

  •  Operating System: Mac OS  
  •  Screen size: 21.5”  
  •  RAM: 8GB  
  •  Core: Intel Core i5  
  •  Storage: Up to 500GB SSD 
MacBook-Pro-Retina 15

iMac Retina 5K 27”

  •  Operating System: Mac OS  
  •  Screen size: 27”  
  •  RAM: Up to 16GB  
  •  Core: Intel Core i5 / i7  
  •  Storage: Up to 512GB SSD 
Boost Work Efficiency with MacBook Pros

From bustling conferences in Edinburgh to product launches in Glasgow, seamless technology is essential for a successful event in Scotland. At Scottish Hire, we empower your team with the ultimate MacBook Pros. Enhance your workflow effectiveness with the inventory below.  


MacBook Pro Retina 13

  A collaborative and efficient laptop. Great for mobile users.    

  •  Operating system: Mac OS  
  •  Screen size: 13.3”  
  •  RAM: 8 GB  
  •  Core: Intel Core i5  
  •  Storage: Up to 256 GB SSD
MacBook-Pro-Retina 15

MacBook Pro Retina 15

A collaborative and efficient laptop. Great for presentations

  •  Operating system: Mac OS   
  •  RAM: 16 GB   
  •  Core: Intel Core i7   
  •  Storage: Up to 512 GB SSD   

MacBook Pro Retina with Touch Bar 14” M1

Customisation and Touch ID  

  • Operating system: Mac OS   
  •  RAM: 8 GB   
  •  Core: Intel Core i5   
  •  Storage: 128 GB SSD
Macbook Pro Touch bar Hire for events

MacBook Pro Retina with Touch Bar 16” M1

Customisation and Touch ID. Ideal for temporary offices or classrooms.  

  • Operating system: Mac OS   
  •  RAM: 16 GB   
  •  Core: 6-Core and Dual GPU   
  •  Storage: Up to 256 GB SSD   
Power Up Corporate Events with Reliable Mac Servers

We understand the critical role technology plays in ensuring a successful event across Scotland and the UKBeyond laptops and desktops, we offer comprehensive Mac server rentals, providing a robust and reliable foundation for your event’s technical infrastructure. 

Mac Mini

Mac Mini

Powerful, yet portable. 

  •  Operating System: Mac OS 
  •  RAM: Up to 16GB 
  •  Core: Intel Core i5 / i7 
  •  Storage: Up to 512GB SSD 
Mac Pro

Mac Pro

Ideal for temporary offices or classrooms. 

  •  Operating System: Mac OS 
  •  RAM: 16GB 
  •  Core: 6-Core and Dual GPU 
  •  Storage: Up to 256GB SSD 

Mac Pro 2019

A powerful, all-in-one desktop PC. 

  •  Operating System: Mac OS 
  •  A very capable desktop computer with much power. 
  •  Perfect for a variety of events, including conferences, meetings, and workshops. 

Ready to boost Your Business and Events with High-Performance Macs in Scotland and the UK?

Connect with Scottish Hire today for smooth rentals, cutting-edge technology, and expert support. 

Rent Macs for Impactful Corporate Events in Scotland and the UK

Optimise your corporate events in Scotland and the UK with premium Mac products tailored to diverse professional settings. Rent Macs which are ideal for: 



Exhibitions, events, and training courses


Training seminars

Auction events

Event check-in and registration

Trade shows and auctions

Temporary staff during workload peaks

Product launch

Explore Complete Event Tech Solutions

Explore a wide range of advanced event technologies for the Scottish and UK markets, including Macs, Apple accessories, PC rentals, AV equipment, laptops, iPads, EPOS devices, and scanners. 

Leverage our professional WiFi installation, technical staffing, and cutting-edge event technology solutions for a successful event. Contact us for a free estimate and expert consultation 

Reasons We Stand Out

As the forefront of the industry, we offer unparalleled expertise in tailored event technology solutions. Our diverse selection encompasses top-tier gaming laptop rentals meticulously chosen to enhance your event experience. 








What Our Clients Say About Us 
Frequently Asked Questions 

Explore solutions to common questions regarding our Mac rentals service. Our team of professionals stands ready to offer swift assistance and expert guidance. Reach out to us now for efficient and timely support. 

Absolutely! We can pre-install any required software onto the Macs before your event, ensuring they are ready to use upon arrival, no matter your location in the UK region. 

Yes, in addition to our range of Mac computers available for rental, we also offer a variety of Mac accessories to complement your devices. These accessories include keyboards, mice, adapters, chargers, and other peripherals essential for enhancing the functionality and usability of your Mac equipment during your event or business operations. 

Understanding that events and business projects have varying timelines and requirements, we offer flexible rental periods to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you need devices for a single day, a week-long conference, or an extended business project, we can customise the rental duration to align with your schedule and objectives. 

Certainly. As part of our commitment to ensuring a seamless rental experience, our dedicated technical support team is available to assist you throughout the entire rental period. Whether you require help with initial setup, troubleshooting technical issues, or optimising the performance of your rented Mac devices, our experienced professionals are just a call away to deliver prompt and reliable support. 

At Scottish Hire, we prioritise the health and safety of our customers. Therefore, we adhere to strict cleanliness and sanitation protocols to uphold the highest hygiene standards for all our rental equipment, including Mac devices. Before and after each rental, every Mac product undergoes thorough disinfection and inspection to ensure it is pristine and safe for use. Additionally, we follow industry best practices and guidelines to minimise the risk of germ or contaminant transmission, providing peace of mind during your rental experience with us. 


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